Best Yoga for eyesight, Increase Your Eyesight With This

Best Yoga for eyesight: By adopting these mentioned methods, you can increase your eyesight and improve your eye health to a great extent. All these methods can be done without spending any money.

Due to the coronavirus global epidemic, there has been a huge change in the lives of people all over the world. To protect against this coronavirus, private companies of many countries have provided work-from-home facilities.

Now people are doing a lot of work easily by staying in their homes. In such a situation, people work for many hours during this time. Due to this, the problems of their eyes increase a lot, which is called eye infection.

Due to this disease, people get itchy in their eyes and the eyes start to swell and water also starts dripping from the eyes. For this, you should take special care of your eyes.

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If you also work in this corona period by staying at your home, then all of you must do this yoga ( Yoga for eyesight ) daily to take care of your eyes.

Change focus:

Keep your finger at least one inch away from your eye. Now slowly move your finger away from the eyes. Then after this, you keep your eyes on any other object. Then after a few moments looking at your finger again. After doing this posture for a few moments, then look at some other object. Do this easy at least once thrice.

20-20 Yoga:

If you still work, look at the object 20 feet away. Keep your eye on that object for about 20 seconds. Now remove your eyes and look at any other thing and then again look at the first object for 20 seconds, you should do this exercise daily.

Eye Exercise:

Close your eyes. Now move your eyes up and down at least three times. Then after this do leave and right also. Then apart from this, look at the floor by rolling your eyes. You do this exercise for at least 30 seconds. Now after that change the direction again and repeat it.

Pencil Exercise:

Keep a pencil between your two eyes. Now after that keep your eyes on the pencil. Then after this slowly bring the pencil near your nose and keep your attention. Then after a few moments, take that pencil away. Do this process at least 10 times at a time. Use this Yoga for eyesight very beneficial.


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