Bawara Dil Written Update episode 84: Siddhi will divorce Shiva

Bawara Dil Written Update Episode 84: In the next episode, we will see which Siddhi will go away now leaving Shiva. Actually, Shiva tells Siddhi that whatever hurt you had to hurt.

I had to deliver but you have done a lot of wrong by hurting my family members. I will punish you for this. Hearing these things of Shiva, Siddhi will say that you will be able to hurt only when I stay here.

Then Siddhi tells Shiva that I am leaving this house and going. Siddhi thinks about taking off her Mangalsutra, only then she also remembers that her father had given her this Mangalsutra.

That’s why she doesn’t take off the Mangalsutra. Next, we will get to see that Siddhi will tell Shiva that I am leaving this house and now you will get the divorce papers in a few days.

Then Kaku comes and says that your mother has come to meet you outside. When Siddhi goes out, she learns that her father’s health is very bad.

She starts crying and she prepares to leave to meet her Baba. The same Aai starts crying holding Shiva’s hand. Shiva tells her that this is your home, you can come here when you wish.

Seeing this here, Siddhi gets very angry in his heart. The same Mangal is checking Siddhi’s bag. She thinks that she is not taking any items from the house.

Here Siddhi goes to the hospital to meet her Baba. While coming back from the hospital, Siddhi does not sit in Shiva’s car. She says this is your party car.

For this reason, Siddhi comes back home on foot but Shiva is no less. He is also worried about accomplishment, but he does not openly express it. Shiva also takes his car and slowly comes along with him.

Thus in the coming episodes of the serial Bawra Dil Written update, it will be very interesting to see whether Siddhi will really leave Shiva and divorce him. What do you think, please give your opinion by commenting,


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