Bawara Dil Written Update episode 82: Siddhi will express Shiva’s love in his own style

Bawara Dil Written Update Episode 82: In the upcoming episode 82 of Bawra Dil is going to be very interesting as Siddhi is going to get the support of her love.

Actually, in the show, we will see that when Shiva wakes up in the morning, he finds Siddhi’s behavior changed a lot because when Shiva wakes up, Siddhi first gives him more cards every day, which makes Siwa very happy.

Same Siddhi calls Sonal and tells her to prepare for Surprise because when, If those people come home in the evening, he will get a big surprise.

Sonal gets very happy hearing Siddhi’s words. She feels that as she was thinking, it has happened that both Siddhi and Shiva have become one.

After which Siddhi comes back very soon after giving the exam, seeing which Shiva is very much surprised and starts thinking about what has happened to Siddhi today.

The same Siddhi tells Shiva that this is her way of saying thank you, here once again Siddhi gives Shiva more cards every day, which makes Shiva very happy.

And then both of them come back home and when Shiva asks Siddhi why she is behaving like what happened to her today Siddhi tells Shiva that she will tell him everything.

But before that, she has brought some special gift for him after which Siddhi gives a gift to Shiva, and in that she gives goggles to Shiva which Shiva likes very much.

After which Siddhi tells Shiva that if she wants to know what happened to her today, then she should hold his hand after which Siddhi takes Shiva’s hand and brings him out.

And now it will be very interesting to see what Siddhi is going to say to Shiva in front of everyone. So that next episode Bawra Dil written to be more interesting.


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