Bawara Dil Latest written updates: Siddhi will cross all limits to destroy Shiva

Bawara Dil Latest written updates: Next in the episode of Bawara Dil, we will see that Siddhi will do all the limits to ruin Shiva and will also ruin AkkaBai.

Actually, in the upcoming episode, Siddhi will steal the hard disk of Akkabai’s land from Shiva’s Katha and give it to Akkabai’s enemy Narpat and by doing so Siddhi will try to ruin Akkabai and Shiva.

In fact, Shiva brings Hard Disk from Akkabai’s house and He hides in Kabard but Siddhi sees this and Siddhi will call Akkabai’s enemy.

Narpat will say that no one can stop Akkabai from ruining Akkabai’s ground hard disk. Siddhi will say that I can bring you whatever you want, then Narpat and Siddhi will make a plan together.

Bawara Dil Latest written updates: jiotvvinee
Bawara Dil Latest written updates

Then according to the Siddhi plan, she will take out the hard disk from Shiva’s cupboard and take it and give it to Narpat and according to Akkabai.

Both Siddhi and Shiva prepare to go on honeymoon and Siddhi says that you believe a lot, don’t you believe Akkabai. Now Akkabai will cause your ruin.

And in the Bawara Dil Latest written updates, it will be interesting to see if both Siddhi and Shiva will go on honeymoon.

Siddhi and Shiva will the distance between them will be reduced and what will be the effect, will Siddhi’s action on Siva increase the hatred between them even more.

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