Bawara Dil 16 April written update: Shiva’s girlfriend’s accident

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Bawara Dil 16 April written update: In the upcoming episode of Bavra Dil, you will see that Shiva’s girlfriend’s accident. In the upcoming episode, you will see that in front of Shiva’s car her girlfriend Janavi arrives, due to which she becomes an accident.

Shiva brings her home. Where the pageant becomes, the truth is revealed in front of the father of accomplishment, that is, he knows that Janavi is the same girl whom he used to love and wanted to marry her.

Due to which Siddhi’s father’s hands and feet get cold and there is no one even aware of Siddhi or whether she is in Pune or somewhere else. And Siddhi’s phone is also coming off the switch.

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In such a situation, the problem of Shiva has increased even more as both Shiva’s father and Siddhi’s father ask their daughter to bring safe and sound to Shiva and Shiva also says that I will bring your daughter home safely.

Now it will be more interesting to see where and how Siddhi gets Shiva and when the disputes between Siva and Siddhi are less or if Janavi’s arrival.

You are going to see some new dramas in Bawara Dil written update series because Siddhi and Shiva will both be together.

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