Barrister Babu Written update: However, in this episode, we will see that the life of Anirudh and Bondita will be seen taking a new turn.

Actually, the distance between the two is going to increase even more because now the entry has been made of Bondita’s Thakuma which will not allow Anirudh to come close to Bondita and will always take all the decisions of Bondita herself.

And as we see in the episode, Bondita’s Thakuma does not like Anirudh at all because since Anirudh declared her marriage illegal and the marriage broke up, Thakuma has started to dislike and hate Anirudh at all.

Because she understands that whatever Bondita’s condition has been done by Anirudh, she hates Anirudh very much and she takes all the decisions of the leader herself.

And in the next episode, we will see that Anirudh saves Bondita’s life but still Thakuma takes the leader there with her, does not allow Anirudh to go with Anirudh only when Anirudh says that Bondita is not sweeping your hands but lifting columns.

Have taken, And puts a pen in the hand of Bondita and then Thakuma comes there and slaps Anirudh with a pull and says that despite being a non-masculine, how dare you to touch the girl in our house.

Anirudh’s anger also erupts and says who are you to speak between me and Bondita and only then will Thakuma tell that I will take Bondita’s Thakuma and henceforth Bondita’s life in all the decisions.

And now in the next episode, we will see if Anirudh and Bondita will be able to separate his Thakuma and stand as a wall between them. So that Upcoming episode of serial Barrister Babu to be more entertaining.