Barrister Babu written update 7th April 2021: Bondita & Anirudh’s romantic fight

Barrister Babu written update 7th April 2021: In the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu, in celebration of Holi, Anirudra gave Bondita a pressure cooker and Manorama as a typewriter.

In the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu where Bondita will go to Anirudra’s room having breakfast as a good daughter-in-law and see that Anirudra is teaching a typewriter to Manorama and seeing this.

Bondita will get very angry and as soon as breakfast will go to Anirudra. So Anirudra will say that you are using your gift well or not.

Barrister babu written update 6th April 2021 Preview: jiotvvinee
Barrister babu written update

Bondita here Manorama is also using a typewriter very well, Anirudra sprinkles more salt on Bondita’s burn and tries to burn it even more.

Anirudra will show a paper to Bondita and will say and have typed the entire Manorama herself, Anirudra will say that now that you are busy in kitchen works.

I will teach Manorama as a typewriter, seeing this, Bondita starts burning more than Manorama. And in the intellectual mind itself.


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It will promise that she will recite an essay that Anirudra will admire Bondita after listening to it, as soon as Anirudra Bondita was given a typewriter to Manorama by not giving a typewriter, since then Bondita has a desire to become a barrister babu.

It has also increased well. It will have to be seen whether Anirudra will be able to succeed in his cause, whether he will be able to focus on the mind of Bondita in studies and that he will be able to make a barrister Babu. So that Upcoming Barrister Babu written update to be more interesting.

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