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Barrister Babu written update: In the next episode of serial barrister Babu, we will get to see that Bondita lives. In the next episode of this serial, we will get to see that Bondita is locked in a hotel room.

She repeatedly tries to open the hotel door but the door does not open. On the other hand, the barrister is trying to open the door to save Babu i.e. Anirudh Bondita.


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The same Anirudh takes the help of the hotel staff to open the door of Bondita’s room but still the door is not open. On the other hand, Anirudh feels that someone is trying to kill him by entering farming in the room of Bondita.

Seeing this type of activity, Bondita gets very nervous. He does not understand what to do. Bondita is seen asking for help to open the door by taking the name of Anirudh, who is locked inside the hotel room.

To kill the same bandit, the man who entered her in the room reaches near her. But then the hotel door suddenly opens at the right time. And Anirudh reaches to Bondita.

In this way, Anirudh does not allow anything to bind him, he saves him safely. But later when Dalhousie speaks and goes to read, will Anirudh be able to save Bondita?

Anirudh already suspects this thing, so he explains to Bondita it. Bondita is very sad to get away from Anirudh.

But Bondita knows that her husband Babu, ie Anirudh, has been dreaming of making her a barrister Babu for many years. So it is only for his happiness that he is doing everything.

We will get to see in the further episodes of serial barrister Babu. Thus both will also be very sad for each other


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