Barrister babu today episode – Thakura will come as a new bride at Haveli

Barrister babu today episode – In the upcoming episode, Thakurma will give a shock to both Bondita and Anirudh when Thakura will come as a new bride at Rai Chowdhury Haveli.

Actually, the show is going to be very bang when Thakuma will come to know that Roopa was none other than Anirudh. And Thakuma has also come to know about all the tricks of Anirudh that Anirudh is falsely accusing him of Roopa’s blood and getting all his talk done.

And Anirudh also asked Thakuma to send Bondita to Raj Choudhary mansion and Thakura agreed to send Bondita to Rai Chaudhary mansion because of fear.

But Thakuma has come to know on this occasion that Anirudh had come to my mansion in the form of Roopa. And now Thakuma will start his real game, in fact, Thakuma will send Bondita to Rai Chaudhuri mansion but will not go alone but also herself.

While Trilochan will be waiting for the arrival of Kaka and Anirudh Bondita, only then Anirudh will come to Durga Maa’s temple because it is because of her that Bondita is returning to him.

Just then both Trilochan Kaka and Anirudh will hear the sound of the bandwagon and they will run out to welcome Bondita.

But when you see, a new bride has come in the doli and when you see, this bride will be none other than Thakuma, seeing that both will be blown away.

After which Thakuma will get down from the doli and Trilochan will tell Kaka not to welcome, will not enter the house, Anirudh is going to get a big shock after hearing this of a new bride.

Because now Thakuma will be seen playing his game and Trilochan Kaka and Anirudh will not enter Thakuma’s house when they see Thakuma in this avatar.


So Thakura herself will enter Rai Choudhary’s mansion with her belongings only then Anirudh will tell Thakurma what do you want to achieve by doing all this.

After which Thakuma will tell Anirudh that you only want Bondita to stay with you in Raj Chaudhary’s mansion, only then Thakuma will give voice to Bondita.

After which Bondita will also come there and she will also become fond of seeing this avatar of Thakuma.

But now it has to be seen what Thakuma does with Bondita and Anirudh and whether Thakura will also stay with Bondita in Raichaudhuri mansion and why Thakura has come in this way a new bride.


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