Barrister Babu today episode: Thakuma will get Bondita married

Barrister Babu today episode: In the upcoming episode, we will see that Thakuma will get Bondita married and now Bondita will become the daughter-in-law of someone’s house, not Barrister Babu.

In fact, in the show, Thakuma will stick to her insistence and will not forgive Trilochan Kaka, after which Thakuma will tell Anirudh that she is going to get Bondita married again.

Hearing this, Anirudh will be very shocked because, on one hand, he wants to bring Bondita with him. But Bondita has made a big mistake by promising Thakurma that unless Trilochan Kaka apologizes to Thakurma.

Till then she will not go back to her friend babu i.e. Anirudh and Bondita are bound by this promise. And the same Thakuma has decided to get Bondita’s second marriage done and she will tell Anirudh that she will get Bondita married again

And Bondita will no longer become a barrister babu and now she will not have a pen in her hand but a householder, and while playing with Tapur, Bondita will tell her to become a barrister babu.

Because still she wants to become barrister babu and want to return to her friend babu but now she is bound by the promise made by Thakurma.


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And Thakuma is also determined that Trilochan will fulfill his revenge on Kaka through Bondita. But now it will be quite interesting to see how Anirudh prevents Bondita’s second marriage.

And will Anirudh be able to convince Thakurma how important it is to fulfill Bondita’s dream of becoming a barrister babu?

And will Anirudh be able to change what Thakurma thinks about women and will Bondita Thakur be ready to do her second marriage for her mother’s honor? So that Upcoming episode of serial Barrister Babu today episode to be more interesting.


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