Barrister Babu episode 299 written Update: Thakuma going to do the purification of Bondita

Barrister Babu episode 299 written Update: In the upcoming episodes Barrister Babu, will see Thakuma going to do the purification of Bondita. As we saw in the first episode, Thakuma invites a relation to get Bondita married.

But at the right time, Bondita tells everything. Bandha tells everyone that she is married, she is already married.

Due to which Bondita’s relationship breaks up. That is, Thakuma once again proves to be a failure in his plan. All this happens because of Anirudh. Because Anirudh worships Maa Durga.

Due to the grace of Maa Durga, Bondita is not able to get remarried. The whole cigarette is opened in front of everyone. The same we will get to see in the next episode of serial Barrister Babu that Bondita is seen fighting for her rights.

Bondita does not accept her hand in front of Thakuma to get her right. Despite Thakurma’s lakhs of efforts, the truth of Bandita is not hidden.

We will see further that Thakuma tells Bondita that the people of the society talk very dirty about the people who do not get married.

Bondita also gives a befitting reply to Thakurma’s words. Bondita tells them that her friend Babu is doing everything right while she is doing wrong to him.

Bondita tells Thakurma that you want to keep me imprisoned in the boundary wall while my friend Babu wants to give me complete freedom.

Thus in the Barrister Babu episode 299, it will be very interesting to see what new troubles Thakuma brings to Bondita again.


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