Barrister Babu episode 298 written Update – Anirudh will try to bring Bondita to her senses

Barrister Babu episode 298 written Update –  In the upcoming episode, Bondita will have a blessing ceremony. Anirudh will try to bring Bondita to her senses.

Actually, in the show, we will see that Thakuma will try to get Bondita to get second marriage and she will get Bondita drunk and get her blessing ceremony done.

Actually, it was seen in the show that Bondita categorically denies child marriage that she will not do child marriage again.

But Thakuma wants Bondita and Anirudh to be separated forever, so she tries to get Bondita remarried.

And she knows that Bondita will never agree to remarriage, so she will give Bondita a sedative to make him unconscious and have him perform a blessing ceremony.

And on the other hand, Anirudh and Trilochan Kaka will come to know that Bondita is getting married and her blessing ceremony is being done, then Anirudh will reach there and try to stop everything but Thakuma’s men will not let him in.


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And when Anirudh tries to go inside by force, Thakurma’s men will attack him and he will get injured very badly but still, Anirudh will not give up.

And he will reach Durga Maa’s temple nearby and ring the bell so that Bondita can come to her senses because now you are the only one who can bring Bondita to her senses.

But now it has to be seen whether Anirudh’s efforts are successful and what happened Bol Deta will not be able to regain consciousness. And what do you think will break this ritual after Bondita comes to her senses. Barrister Babu episode 298 written Update to be more exciting.


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