Anupamaa Written Update, upcoming twist: Anupama change her decision to divorce

  • Anupamaa Written Update, Anupamaa Written Updates, Anupamaa full episode 15 April 2021

Anupamaa Written Update, upcoming twist:  In the serial Anupama, you will see that the prophecy of Pandit will change the whole story and after that, there will be a twist in the serial.

Yes, friends, in the serial Anupama upcoming episode, you will see that both Anupama and Vanraj will return from the resort. After that, the whole family will come to the truth that after 3 days.

Anupama and Vanraj will be divorced and this is going to tell Kavya. After which you will get to see a lot of drama.

After that, it is going to happen in sleep, in the track of Pandit’s entry, yes friends, in these tracks, you will be shown that there will be a lot of disturbance in the house.

About which Baa is very much worried. After that, what was the reason for the disturbance in the house? Then Panditji will tell that divorce is the reason for the disturbance in the house.

In the Anupamaa Written Update coming episodes, you will see that Panditji will tell one ba that Anupama’s support is very important for Vanraj.

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If both of them do not stay together then Vanraj will be completely ruined. And in the next episodes, you will also see that Ba will be seen spreading her bag in front of Anupama for her son.

And they will say that Anupama, if you do not enjoy my son’s life, then he will be completely ruined. Friends, the Anupamaa Written Update story is going to be very interesting.

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Vanraj will also realize that if Anupama leaves his life, then he will be completely ruined and Vanraj will also be seen kneeling in front of Anupama. Now it will be much more interesting to see if Anupama will change her decision to divorce.


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