Anupamaa written update 14 June 2021: Due to Ba fight between Anupama and Kavya

Anupamaa written update 14 June 2021: In the upcoming episodes of the serial Anupama, there will be a fight between Anupama and Kavya .

In the next episode, we will see that Baa will be giving property papers to everyone. Baa wants that the property should be equally distributed among all the people. That’s why he gives papers to Vanraj Kavya and Anupama by sharing them equally.

Then Anupama tells Ba whether I want or not. Explains to Anupama and says that you have as much right on everything here as Vanraj and Kavya.

In the upcoming episodes of the serial Anupama, we will see that Baa will tell Anupama to stay here. Hearing this from Baa, Kavya’s condition will worsen. But the kids will be very happy.

Only then all the people will enter the house and they will come with a platter of aarti. Only then will Kavya be very happy in her mind.

Kavya will say in front of everyone that at least someone has thought who is the daughter-in-law of this house. That is, Kavya will feel that her aarti will be the first.

But here we will get to see a new twist, Mother Kavya’s aarti is not going to be taken down first, but Anupama’s aarti is going to be taken first. Seeing this thing of mother, Kavya will be very angry in her mind.


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Only then would Baa say that the aarti is first of all to Lakshmi. And the Lakshmi of this house is Anupama. Hearing this, Kavya’s senses will be blown away.

Thus, in the next episode of the serial Anupama, it was very interesting to see what will be Kavya’s reaction when Anupama will also be in the same house. What is happening will be able to stop itself. So that upcoming episode of serial Anupamaa written update to be more entertaining.


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