Anupamaa spoilers: Kinjal’s health deteriorated, Big twist will be seen in further episodes

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𝕁𝕚𝕠𝕋𝕧𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕖 –According to the serial Anupamaa spoilers, you will see that all the people of the house are sitting and having breakfast. Her mother is angry because Anupama is working alone in the kitchen.

While his new daughter-in-law is sitting and eating comfortably. Kinjal says that she should help Anupama. But she says that Anupama does not need any help from her.

And she also says that she will help Anupama from tomorrow. Today she is resting, Paritosh and Kinjal are eating food on the same plate.

Here, Mother gets angry and says that she should explain to Kinjal. In this way, it is not good to eat both of them on a plate in front of everyone.

After that, Paritosh and Kinjal are in their room. Then Anupama comes there and she sends Paritosh out of the room with some excuse. And in further episodes, you will see that Anupama understands them.

Anupama speaks to Kinjal that she and the mother are of old age, they do not like to be in front of them in this way. He has accepted this love marriage but he will take some time to change himself.

By doing slowly everything will be correct. That’s when Kinjal speaks to Anupama that she will take care of this thing from the front.

Then Anupama tells Kinjal to sleep in her room. Paritosh does not like it. But Kinjal explains to Paritosh. She tells him that they have to do so much for the happiness of the family.

After that Anupama is talking to her mother. Mother speaks to Anupama that both the families will bear half the cost of the wedding together.

Anupama has no need to worry about this. Then a big twist is seen in the subsequent episodes. There, Paritosh appears to be running, but Paritosh tells Anupama that everyone should go out.

Anupamaa spoilers Kinjal's health deteriorated, Big twist will be seen in further episodes - JioTvvinee
Anupamaa spoilers

Just when everyone goes out, they see that Kinjal has fallen on the ground. And moaning in pain. Then the mother says that there is no need to call the doctor. But on the phone, Kinjal’s mother is listening to all this.

After that, the mother gives Kinjal a home medicine which Kinjal after eating, then she becomes absolutely right in a short time.

Kinjal tells everyone that even a doctor’s medicine does not affect so soon. Now we will have to wait for what will happen in the upcoming episodes of the serial Anupamaa spoilers.


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