Anupamaa Spoilers Alert: 7 November 2020 Preview

𝗜𝗻 today’s episode of Anupamaa Spoilers Alert, we will get to see what Anupama is doing by doing all the work. She tells Jhilmil that you have some work left to do. And will pray to God and go to the summer room.

And will tell Summer that I have done all the work, now tell me what to do. Then Summer says that you have come ahead of time.

So Anupama will start remembering all the things that are being removed from the first job. And he will say to Samar that who knows more than us not to reach on time.

Then Anupama says that I have done all the household work, now tell me where to start. Samar then says that before I start I want to give you something. And he takes out the gift and gives it to Anupama.

And when Anupama opens the gift, she sees that it is Ghungroo. So Samar says that I have just brought it from Nani’s house. Dance is incomplete without Ghoungroo. And also Dancer.

Anupama is very happy to see Ghoungroo. And thank you for the Samar. And would say that I wore it in pain last time, now I will wear it in happiness. Today I am standing on my feet.

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert - JioTvvinee
Anupamaa Spoilers Alert: 7 November 2020 Preview

So I am very happy. Anupama’s eyes become moist due to happiness. Anupama says that I remembered my Baba today. And says that when I was little.

So I was very fond of dancing. So I used to dance all over the house. So my Baba gave me this gift on my birthday. But the mother was very angry. But Baba said that not everyone gets Anupama. You have got this, take care of it.

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Anupama says that I am feeling blessed again by my Baba. So Summer says that now that the emotional drama is over, then we start the dance. Then Anupama starts dancing wearing a Ghungroo. Next episode of Anupamaa Spoilers Alert more exiciting.

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