Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Big twist, Preview of 6 November 2020

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Big twist, Preview of 6 November 2020

𝐈n today’s episode of Anupamaa Spoiler Alert, you will see that Vanraj finds a letter in an empty tiffin. Vanraj falls in this letter, in that letter, Anupama has written that till now I had bowed down.

Because I had love for you in my heart. But now the mind is empty. Then the box will also be empty. If I disturbed the family to teach me a lesson. So the box will be empty.

Eat pasta if you feel hungry. Vanraj turns red yellow with anger after reading the letter. On the advice of Samar, mother Babuji says to Anupama, why don’t you want to teach children to dance.

That’s when Kinjal comes there. And she also says that Bapu Ji is right. Everyone asks Anupama to teach dance. Ba says there is no need. He got a job once. Now there is no need to do all this.

In the kitchen, Kinjal talks to Anupama. And she tells Anupama that now all of us are with you. You should step forward in life. Kinjal explains Anupama in the kitchen. If you hear this thing then gratification.

Vanraj gets a call on Anupama. But Anoop forgives the phone. Vanraj gets even angrier after seeing this.

On the other side, it says with the water of gratification, that you do not incur your mother’s job. Paritosh tells Kinjal that she has once seen working outside.

And she could not do it. And they have taken all this tension on their heads. Father has apologized to him. But Mommy is not forgiving him. Rather punishing.

Kinjal says, you should not favor your father. This is debated in both of them. And Kinjal leaves from there.

When Vanraj comes home So he goes to Anupama. And angrily asks why Tiffin was empty. Anupama says that I had written the reason for this in the letter. But you must not have been hungry.

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert - JioTvvinee
Anupama Spoiler Alert: Big twist, Preview of 6 November 2020

Vanraj says that Kavya had ordered food for me. Anupama laughs on hearing this. And she says, “Okay, the hassle of making tiffin from my head is over”.

Vanraj gets further annoyed. And he tells Anupama that we and Kavya are going to get married very soon.

Anupama says congratulations, this time this relationship should be done properly and go away from there. On the other hand, Anupama, along with the family members of Samar, feeds her by sitting with Vanraj.

Seeing this, Anupama‘s tears come into her eyes. And Anupama says that we have decided that together with Samar, we will teach children dance. Hearing this, Vanraj’s senses fly away.

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Next, we will see that Anupama together with Samar teaches children to dance. On the other hand, Vanraj goes to his office. And he doesn’t get the Sox. And he takes away everything from the cupboard and throws it.

Vanraj is late for one of his important meetings. And he will once again go to Anupama angrily and stop the music. And says to Anupama, this house is not a dance center. And I will not tolerate this at all.

That my wife sang in her feet under the Ghungroo dam. And Vanraj says that you will definitely dance but I will dance at my behest. It will be very interesting to see what Anupama does right now. Next episode of Anupamaa serial to be most existing.