Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Big Twist preview of 4 November 2020 episode

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In today’s episode of Anupamaa, we will get to see that Samara Nandni befriends again and whatever misunderstanding was there between them will go away today and he will become a good friend again.

I will see another then that Anupama will challenge Manraj that she too can stand on her feet and make her own name, so Vanraj says that you can just be like Mrs. and you have no such identity.

So Anupama accepts this challenge and says that I will stand on my feet. In order to teach Anupama a lesson, Manraj removes Jhilmil from the job and gives him leave for a few days.

When Anupama wakes up in the morning and sees that Baa is cooking for Vanraj, she calls Jhilmil, then Jhilmil tells her that the fat brother had told that the whole family is going on holidays, so I did not come.

Upon hearing this, Anupa understands that the trick of Aman Raj is that someone has been fired in Ujjain so that I can work. And I cook for Manraj, so Vanraj removed Jhilmil.

Vanraj thinks that Anupama will not allow Baa to cook and she will cook herself and bring her running for Vanraj. Anupama sends Baa and starts making breakfast for Vanraj himself.

Vanraj is waiting at the table waiting for me to bring the running tiffin and breakfast as before. But after seeing Jhilmil fetching breakfast.

Manraj asked Anupama that by asking whom did you keep the Jhilmil again, she also says that by asking whom did you remove the Jhilmil. Then Vanraj says if I give it a salary then I can also give it a holiday.

You cannot pay a salary, you can only cook food, even the servants can do it. Your identity is nothing more than the servants.

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So Anupama says that we can also do something, last time we were removed from the school job because her family did not support her, this time she does not need anyone’s support, she alone can make her own identity.

Summer conjectures that I should give a dance class to your student because Anupama does a very good dance, Anupama ignores this and says that if your student wants to learn to dance, she can go to Nandni Anupama tells Samar that Nandani is not wrong.

But Nandini has helped us by going against her aunt, at that time, she did what she felt right under compulsion, she heard Anupama saying that Samar goes to Nandni and apologizes. I recover again like before. The upcoming episode of the Anupamaa serial is more interesting.

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