Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: 3 November 2020 episode preview

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In today’s episode of Anupamaa, we will get to see that Anupama tells Kavya that if you want to get married, do it together. But before getting married they will have to tell the whole truth to Maa-Babuji, I tell those people the truth and sudden my head.

Can’t take the scene of and tell Ma-Babuji the whole truth and marry her with blessings, I have freedom from my side, that’s all I came to say, Anupama leaves from there and Vanraj gets angry at poetry after Anupama’s departure.

And says that what you needed was to tell all the truth to Anupama. Then Kavya tells Manraj that you will divorce Anupama or not, but Manraj does not say anything to Kavya about this and goes away from there saying Good Night.

On the other side, Paritosh and Samar hear the sound of crying and go towards Pakhi’s room and see that Pakhi is crying there, then both of them say why the rest of you are crying, who made you cry.

Pakhi says you Both she and Pakhi say that I am not of this house, so both of you have not been talking to me. Summer is about to tell Pakhi the truth that Paritosh stops him, Paritosh tells Pakhi that nothing has happened, just a little fight has taken place.

Then Pakhi says that I am small but not so small that I cannot understand anything.
After that, you get very angry and ask them both to leave, while Samar tells Paritosh that brother, why don’t we tell Pakhi the truth about what his father has done.

The health water says with the understanding that understanding is not as wrong as the father you are mistaking, the father goes away from there in anger after hearing this.
And on the other side, Rakhi comes to meet Anupama and says that Mrs.

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Co is not visible anywhere, the mother says that she has been out for a while, you must be coming here. Rakhi thinks that the storm is coming I had heard about the wedding day but had not come yet.

Then Rakhi tells Ba to make a ruckus, you do not know that you did not notice that on that day Kavya takes the name of poetry like that, only then Anupama comes from behind. On seeing Anupama, Rakhi says that I am very happy to see you and hugs Anupma after running.

Then Anoop Kumar Rakhi sits down as mercury says that what happened that day Anupamaa Spoiler Alert, Anupama says that you don’t worry about me, I am absolutely fine. And after a while, Rakhi leaves from there.


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