Anupamaa new serial upcoming twist: A fight between Pakhi and Kavya, Whose support will be Vanraj

Anupamaa new serial upcoming twist: In the next episode of Anupamaa, we will see that Kavya tells Rakhi. She says that she says that I will remove these people from Kavya and Vanraj is just mine.

Kavya says that this is what you wanted to hear, but it is not so. If Vanraj has to make himself. So all these also have to be made yours and we have to be happy with them.

All those householders will be seen dancing. They go to the middle of Kavya and start dancing and dancing.

Near which all the people calm down. And nobody feels good that Kavya is so close to Vanraj.

After which Vanraj does not even feel comfortable. Pakhi says in her mind that I know that my father is not happy with you.

She says in my heart that I will take my father away from you and will not let your shadow fall.

Pakhi holds Anupama’s hand and takes her to Vanraj, and asks that Mama dance with her father. But when Anupama starts going.

She says that you teach the whole world to dance. And you will not dance. Dance is made on this matter.

Vanraj and Kavya Romatic move

Anupama starts dancing and all the people are very happy and all the people are very happy and all the people are very happy.

Then Rakhi provokes Kavya to see how angry you were dancing, but see how happy those people are – Happy dancing with each other.

Then in the middle Kavya starts dancing but Pakhi does not like this thing at all. And also to Kinjal and Nandini.

That is the big quarrel between Pakhi and Kavya and the story is heard. After which Pakhi would have to apologize to Kavya as well as have to be sought.

And Vanraj even says this. Anupama that your daughter has gone all over you. Now it will be interesting to see in the upcoming episodeAnupamaa new serial upcoming twistΒ that it will be interesting that why Anupamaa puts Pakhi after all.


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