Anupamaa new serial Latest Update: After all, why does Ba love Anupama more than Vanraj

Anupamaa new serial: In today’s episode of Anupama, we will get to see that Anupama gets very surprised by seeing the slab on her hands.

And will say what has happened to my hands. And why the bandage is tied on it. Then Samar will say that mother, don’t worry.

All right in your hand. But some went to fire. That’s why the doctor put on a bandage. Only then will Anupama say that she has burnt a little.

I remove this strip. Then all the family members will catch him there. So Anupama would say that this party cannot keep me running the whole house with these two hands.

Then Anupama will become very emotional. And will say how I will do all the household chores, I have to go to school also.

And also have to run dance class. I will not be able to do anything here with the help of this bandage. Later all the housemates will convince Anupama and say that first of all we go home.

Only then the principal of the school and the teacher of all the schools will come there. So the principal will tell Madame Anupama that I just came to know about this incident.

You told me how you saved the lives of children regardless of their lives. She would call Anupama to thank you and say that if you were not there.

I would not know what would have happened. Then Anupama would say that I had already said that. To give me the electric stove.

Not of gas and he did not agree even then the principal could not answer anything to Madam Anupama.

And say that you go home. Until you are fully recovered. Till then you do not need to come to school. And I want to tell you one thing, whatever happened.

Do not talk to anyone about it. Which is to give an official statement. I will give that only then Anupama will say what is hidden in it.

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Anupamaa new serial, Will Anupama be able to forgive Vanraj 

There is a fire Everyone knows this. Then what do I have to tell no one? Then Maidam will defer the matter. And people will say please go home and relax.

Only then will everyone come home with Anupama. At the same time, Ba will become very emotional on seeing Anupama.

And you will say to Anupama that you are fine or you have not hurt anymore. Then whatever happened to the school will tell Anupama.

Then Ba will start crying even more and will say that I did not know till today my daughter-in-law is so brave.

Then uncle will say that he is brave. That’s why it took 25 years with you. Only then will Bapuji say that my daughter is one among millions and crores. What happened now, we will see In the next episode Anupamaa new serial.


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