Anupamaa new serial 9 February 2021 Update: After all, how will Sameer apologize to his mother Anupama?

Anupamaa new serial: Anupamaa serial ever since it started telecasting. Has been ruling the hearts of viewers since then. And continues to be number 1 in TRPs.

And this show has made a place in the hearts of nail fans in a very short time. And the entire credit for this goes to the writers and artists.

And all the cast members are giving very good responses too. And especially Rupali Ganguly i.e. Anupama is getting a lot of love.

In today’s episode Vanraj, we will get to see that Vanraj and Kavya will reach their house after the police station.

Then Kavya must be opening the door of the house. So Vanraj will hold her hand. And will say that Pakhi must have come home.

That is why I cannot say this inside, I am saying here. Then he will say that what you have done today. I will never forgive you for that After today if my children had any problem because of you.

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So to date, you have only seen the love of your boyfriend. You pray that you never have to see this anger again.

And secondly, remember that because of you, my eyes should never be down in front of Anupama. Today I tolerated it.

But I will not do it next time. On the other hand, Anupama will still be angry at home and Samar will be apologizing to her. But Anupama does not talk to her.

Samar will then grab Anupama’s saree. And would say forgive me. Whatever I did in front of Kavya and Vanraj. I will not apologize for that.

Then Anupama will say what you have achieved by doing all this. Children do not go alone in the world. She is brought up with her home and raised.

Anupamaa new serial 8 February 2021 Update: Anupama gave warning to Vanraj and Kavya - jiotvvinee
Anupamaa new serial: Anupama gave warning to Vanraj and Kavya

Now due to your anger, the head of this family has bowed down. What do you think Those people will make a difference by your saying.

But if something happens to you. So I will make a difference. Then Samar will say that as you make a difference. Well, I also matter.

In the upcoming episode Anupamaa, You can’t see me in trouble. In the same way, I cannot see you unhappy. The mother only has the right to be scolded.

But the son may worry about the son. Like you can’t stop worrying me. Just like you cannot stop flowing.


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