Anupamaa new serial 8 February 2021 Update: Anupama gave warning to Vanraj and Kavya

Anupamaa new serial 8 February 2021 Update: Anupama gave warning to Vanraj and Kavya - jiotvvinee
Anupamaa new serial: Anupama gave warning to Vanraj and Kavya

Anupamaa new serial: What will be seen in the upcoming episode of Anupamaa is that when Kavya completes the police, then the police come and arrest Samar at home, and sometimes Anupama also decides.

That I am teaching Kavya a lesson. And after Samar is arrested she will get very upset. And will reach the police station directly.

But when the police will not leave Samar. Then Anupama does something similar there. After which Vanraj gets upset.

And Anupama files a complaint against her husband and poetry. Anupama says that my husband has cheated on me.

And he is living with his girlfriends. After which the police are going to tell Vanraj a lot. And Kavya will have to withdraw the complaint here.

When Anupama is taking Samar, she will be seen narrating to Vanraj that you always say that I am the king of the jungle.

Do not wake me up otherwise, I will ruin everything. If anyone bothers the lion. So what happens to him, I do not know what he wants to say.

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What if someone wakes up a sleeping mother. So she will set the whole world on fire. If anything happens to my son from now on, I will not leave you.

And from there she goes home with Samar. At the same time, Anupama brings Samar home. But on the other hand, Samar Kavya and Vanraj’s condition is going to be very bad.

It will be a further episode of Anupamaa you saw that Anupama will be teaching the children in the room in the school. A fire breaks out in that room.

Anupama takes out all the children safe from there. And at the same time, she will get Pakhi out of there too.

Only when Anupama goes out, only then will she fall down and she will suffocate due to the smoke. And she will faint.

So Pakhi will also realize by seeing all this. That my mother is willing to do everything for anyone. But I am still misunderstanding him.

Only then will Pakhi be understood that Anupama is right. And later she will also go home with Anupama. What will happen will be seen in the Anupamaa new serial upcoming episode.