Anupamaa new serial 3rd February Update: Kavya pits Vanraj against Kinjal and Anupama

Anupamaa new serial 3rd February Update: jiotvvinee
Anupamaa new serial: Kavya pits Vanraj against Kinjal and Anupama

Anupamaa new serial 3rd February Update: In today’s episode Anupama will be praising Vanraj in front of Kinjal.

And must have been saying that many times it used to happen that during Teej festival we were celebrating at home. And he used to come here to work at the office.

You do not like a lot of his things. And I have never seen a hard-working and honest person like him. You also work diligently. Don’t worry at all at home.

Pay full attention here. Then Kinjal will be very happy to hear Anupama’s words. And she will go to her chair and say that mother is not just the chair, it is power.

It is a very big responsibility. Then she will start holding Anupama’s hand and make her sit on the chair. So she will start to refuse Anupama’s Kijal.

Then Kinjal will say that if you sit on this chair. So this chair will be lucky for me. Then Kinjal will start requesting Anupama very much, then Anupama will sit on the chair.

Only then will Kinjal say that men always sit on such a chair. But a woman’s hand is behind her sit. Which leaves her dream behind.

So that his husband brother or son can fulfill his dreams. There is a very big chair for the boss in the office. The same chair should be at home for the daughter-in-law

Then Vanraj will come there suddenly. And he would see Anupama sitting on her chair. And will angrily tell Anupama that how dare you sit in my own chair in my cabin.

Here Anupama will hear Vanraj’s words. And will immediately get down from the chair. Then Vanraj will say that you did not get cold by occupying my house.

Which is occupying my cabin through Kinjal. After all, what do you want? Why are you two mother-in-law daughter-in-law hell-bent on making my life hell?

In the upcoming episode Anupamaa spoilers, Anupama would say that I did not know that you have your cabin. Then Vanraj will say that you will also know-how. You were not able to bring me to the office.

Then Kinjal will say that father, you should stop slapping here. You never brought this to your mother. And when I brought it here.

So you stop syncing. Then Kavya will also come there. And started saying that Vanraj saw your job go away. And Kinjal getting the job on this post. There was no coincidence.

All this is Anupama’s collusion. And so great Anupama is not so great. As much as everyone understands it. Then Vanraj will say that Kavya is telling the truth.

There are some to show ivory and some to eat. I have never seen this form of this woman in the last 25 years. One came and sat on my chair.

Upstairs pretending that I don’t even know this is my cabin. Hey, my name is clearly written on the door here. Then Vanraj will show Anupama his nameplate.

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Vanraj again did a poor trick – Anupamaa new serial

So someone must have pasted blank paper there. Vanraj Chowk will be seen on seeing this. Only then will a handyman come there.

In the next episode, Anupamaa new serial Vanraj’s name will take out the plate and throw it down. And will replace the nameplate of Kinjal. Vanraj will get very angry about seeing this.

Then Anupama will come and pick up the plate. And will say that if you do the show, you will become a spectacle. And once it becomes a spectacle.

It will neither be above nor will it be below. I am also sad to leave your job. This was the only relation in the world. With whom you were honest, the job went wrong.

But I am not responsible for leaving your job. That’s what you think I have got it all done. The one you call illiterate is Gawar. So that you did not bring it to the office even once in 25 years.

Who has not seen the door of this office till today? He removed it from you and made him sit on his sister. No, I lost your job because of me.

Nor did Kinjal get the job because of me. What you lost was your fate. And what Kinjal found is his ability. What will happen will be seen in the Anupamaa new serial upcoming episode.