Anupamaa New Serial 3 march 2021 Preview: Fierce fight between Vanraj and Sameer

Anupamaa New Serial 3 march 2021 Preview: In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, you will see that Anupama’s family is looking very happy today.

Where there is a call at home that Vanraj’s aunt has called everyone to meet. Then all the family members are very happy.

To go great, Vanraj calls Kavya and tells that all of us are going to aunt’s house. Kavya speaks to go there.

On Kavya’s phone, Anil Anirudh messes up that I am coming to meet you in 5 minutes, after which he comes down, then Kavya takes the file and goes to Anirudh to get him signed.

After which Anirudh also signs it. In that file there are Kavya’s property papers. After which Anirudh asks him why are you giving me this property papers.

So Kavya says that because of this paper, if you give me the divorces, then I accept it. After which Anirudh tells him that if any kind of house is needed in future, then call me to let me know.

After which they both share each other Lets get it done. And Kavya starts going from there. That is when some unknown person comment very badly on Kavya.

On the other hand, Anupama is making laddus. Then Sameer goes to her. And he tells his mother that mother, earlier we used to see in the serial that mother was always seen making laddus.

But now it is understood. If someone comes, make laddoo even if someone comes. That’s when Anupama feeds laddus in Sameer’s mouth.

And if you eat sweet, then only you will speak sweet. Then Nandini comes there and he speaks to his mother to get Sameer Nandani to jail.

That mother, you remember me, my childhood friend Pooja. She is so good. How silky her hair is and how beautiful she is also.

And listening to all this, Nandini feels very jailed. And there is a lot of love between Nandini and Sameer.

After which Nandini gets angry and leaves from there. Then Anupama says from time to time, go and convince Nandini.

After which everyone starts packing to go. That is when Mama ji says that as much of everything is going in so many luggage.

One of the luggage will not come back. So everyone starts asking if they will not come back. So Mama ji says that I.

After which all the households become a little sad. While going to Anupama, she tells Kinjal that now both of you will get a lot of free time.

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Both of you spend a lot of time with each other. After that she also explains to Sameer that you too should go and convince Nandni that she has gone to anger with you.

After which Sameer calls Nandani and calls her home by lying. After this, Sameer speaks to Nandni about his heart.

And Nandini also confesses that she loves him. And they both become very close. That’s when Vanraj and Anupama come there.

Vanraj is also very angry with Sameer. Now Anupamaa New Seria nEXT episodes, we have to see or interesting what Vanraj will punish Sameer. Is he really very angry with Sameer?

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