Anupamaa new serial 27 February 2021 full episode: Will Anupama and Vanraj stop their divorce?

Anupamaa new serial 27 February 2021 full episode: In the next episode of Anupamaa, you will see that Pakhi has left her house after getting angry with Anupama Vanraj.

On the other hand, some such goons have come to the city who are kidnapping a small child. The Pakhi leaves the house. After this, goons kidnap Rakhi.

The same Vanraj breaks down completely that I could not handle a child even for 16 days and how lovingly Anupama handled it for 16 years.

The same Pakhi who always messes with something or the other. At the same place in the house she helps the policemen to find her child.

She tells the police that in any case I want my daughter in 24 hours. Seeing all this, Baa becomes very attentive and hugs Pakhi and tells her that when her daughter is in trouble, Ma breaks down a hundred times.

The same Anupama will handle Vanraj. Will handle Vanraj and sit in the car. And by driving on her own, she will start looking for Pakhi.

Next episodes of anupamaa

Vanraj is revealed through the police, there are some goons roaming around in this city who are kidnapping children. And the goon is kidnapped.

Now in the next episodes of anupamaa, it will be interesting to see how Anupama and Vanraj confront those goons together and bring their Pakhi home safely. Will Anupama and Vanraj stop this divorce?


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