Anupamaa new serial 23 February 2021 Preview: Will Anupama become Divorce or not?

Anupamaa new serial: In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, you will see if Anupama will leave home and stay at her house. Anupama is leaving home and is going to stay at her home forever.

Where the birthday party is being planned, the same Pakhi will say to Anupama, that now you will leave here and Kavya will come as a daughter-in-law.

But I do not want step mother. You will be seen explaining to Anupama Ma that I am not the daughter-in-law of this house.

And now I will take all the responsibility of this house and I will have to leave from here. All the family members have adopted Kavya.

Now you too adopt him and after hearing all this, they start getting out and their senses fly away.

Anupama understands that until I leave this house, all these families will not accept Kavya.

On the other hand, all the family members are sad to think that what will happen to Anupama if she leaves this house.

Now, it will be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes Anupamaa serial, whether Anupama will become a Divorce after the completion of 6 months or whether Kavya will come as the daughter-in-law of that house.


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