Anupamaa new serial 12 February 2021 Update: Will Anupama be able to forgive Vanraj

Anupamaa new serial: In today’s episode of Anupamaa, we will get to see that Vanraj will be telling Anupama that whatever your decision is. Tell that to the principal, madam.

Make whatever decision you want to make. Keeping your stubbornness and strut in the side. Because the life of our Pakhi depends on this decision of yours.

On hearing this, Anupama will start getting very upset. Then Samar will come to them and say that mother should do what your heart is saying.

You only say that the wrong path is always easy. And the right path is always difficult. But there is a right way.

Then Anupama will tell the principal madam that every parent sends their child to school. With the belief that he is safe there.

Even though the star of their eyes is far from their eyes. But it is safe. Then Anoop will tell his maternal uncle that his daughter’s education is very important.

But more important than that is the life of the daughter. One who does not get punishment does not even get to learn.

Therefore, Madam, I will neither hide my carelessness. Nor the fault of the school administration. Then the Principal Madam will say that I know that this incident has still affected you.

That is why you will think carefully and tell your final decision by tomorrow morning. Then the principal Madam will leave from there.

On the other side, it will be shown that Kavya will reach home. And would look very happy. Together she will also be singing a song.

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Anupamaa’s new serial: After all, how will Sameer apologize to his mother Anupama?

Then he started saying that today I am very happy. After how many days have I enjoyed my work. Today I am able to do my work without any pressure.

Only then Vanraj will come there. Then Kavya will start asking Vanraj about Anupama. So Vanraj will say to Kavya that he is fine, just that both his hands are burnt.

Well, there is no untoward, then there will be bad things to say about Anupama And he will say that he has a ghost to become great.

Because of his insistence, the whole family will get into trouble. On the other hand, Anupama must have been sleeping at home.

Only then will he see the dream that on one side the entire family will be speaking to sign Anupama on the letter.

On the other hand, all the school children will be saying to Anupama that you should not forgive those people.

Because of them, we were going to be burnt alive. Only then Anupama will be very much afraid. And his dream will be broken. What happened now, we will see In the next episode Anupamaa.


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