Anupamaa 30 March 2021 full episode: Kavya’s blockade style in front of Anupama

Anupamaa 30 March 2021 full episode: In the next episode, in the serial Anupamaa, we get to see that when Kavya sees that V is applying the color Anupama for the first time then she gets even angrier.

The same as we get to see that Anupama has the effect of cannabis. Therefore, he does not know what is right and what is wrong.

Anupamaa grows to its own tune. The same Vanaraja tells Anupama that you should take care of yourself, what are you doing.

Kavya’s mind itself is very much frustrated and angry. Kavya is angry with Anupama as well as V because she was calling V earlier and was speaking to come out so that she can apply color.

But V did not come out but he is celebrating Holi with Anupama. In the next episode of the serial Anupama, we will get to see that Kavya Anupama is very angry.

Kavya feels that Anupama came to her room. Hence Kavya thinks that a new year is going on to eliminate the divorces from Anupama Vanraj.

Kavya has committed that no matter what happens, no one can separate from it. Kavya says that no matter what happens, I will stay married to Vanraj.

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Anupamaa: Bhang Nsha Holi day, Anupama and Kavya’s fight

Even if someone dies, I still don’t care. Here Anupama does not listen to anyone, she only says her words and appears to be laughing very fast.

It seems that the intoxication of cannabis has gone very well on her due to which she is not able to know anything.

Used to be. However, in this Holi special episode of the serial Anupama, Anupama is seen enjoying the most Holi.


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