Anupamaa 2 March 2021 full episode: Will Vanraj and Anupama not take divorces due to Pakhi?

Anupamaa new serial 2 March 2021 full episode: In the next episode of Anupamaa, you will see that Anupama and Vanraj take Pakhi to a psychologist.

After Anupama leaves Pakhi to the doctor, she asks the family members. What happened after all, what is Pakhi that you want to take her to a psychologist.

Anupama starts crying while saying all this. And Vanraj brings him water and seeing this face of Vanraj, Anupama goes to the square. Anupama and Faraj go to Pakhi’s room.

Then Pakhi is talking to his maternal uncle by laughing. After which Pakhi says good morning to her mother and father and she tells both that I have harassed you guys a lot.

You guys will be angry with me. All Vanraj laughs and says that no, you have not made any mistake and we are not angry with you.

After which, however, Vanraj and Anupama convince Pakhi to go to the doctor. When he goes to the doctor, the doctor tells him that both of you are responsible for this condition of Pakhi.

Are the ones. And your child has not liked this thing at all. And his heart is very deeply wounded. The children are happy only when the mother and father are with each other.

The doctor tells them that your children will be safe only if you want them. She wants both of you to take care of her.

Spend time with him And this will happen only when both of you will be with each other. Fraj tells the doctor that this is the only cure for it, after which the doctor says that there is no such thing.

Both of you stay together until your children are cured. After that, they come home with Pakhi. Pakhi then insists on going on a tour.

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After which Anupama and Vanraj take permission from all the families and yes to go on a tour. And they themselves leave him.

And all the householders pray that the way the laughter has gone, the same way the laughter comes back.

Now it will be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes whether Vanaraj and Anupama’s Divorce will stop because of Pakhi.

Will the two be able to get close to each other because of their child. So that Next episode of serial Anupamaa to be more interesting.

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