Anupamaa 16th March 2021 full episode: Sameer took a big step by getting angry with Vanraj

Anupamaa 16th March 2021 full episode: In the next episode of serial Anupama, we are going to see that Vanraj commits in front of all the people that he will never go anywhere from this house.

All the people are frightened by this commitment of Vanraj. And Vanraj also says that he has as much right over that house as Anupama.

We can see that no member of the house likes this thing of Vanraj. Decides that he is now Will not live in this house.

He does not listen to his mother Anupama. Samar also makes up his mind to leave the house. If seen, he is angry because he does not want Samar to be married to Nandini.

Samar does not accept this relationship. On the other hand we get to see that Anupama who believes in her son’s happiness only.

That is, she supports Samar. Anupama not only supports Samar but is also given the confidence that she will be married to Nandini.

Because of this, Samar is very much in love with Anupama. In the next episode of this serial, we will get to see that Pakhi’s entry is going to take place in the house.

Anupamaa 15th March 2021 full episode: jiotvvinee
Anupamaa: Vanraj took an embarrassing step against Anupama and Sameer

Pakhi’s entry will change the entire atmosphere of the house once again. There is a lot more to be seen.

Now it is going to be a lot more interesting to see how Anupama is seen supporting her husband and the happiness of the children.

Will Anupama support Vanraj or what will happen to Samar, we will see all this in the next episodes of this serial.


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