Anupamaa 15th March 2021 full episode: Vanraj took an embarrassing step against Anupama and Sameer

Anupamaa 15th March 2021 full episode: A very funny twist to come in serial Anupama. In the next episode, we will see that Nandini sits down with Anupama.

Then Samar goes to Vanraj and sits down. When Anupama opens her eyes, she sees that Nandini is sitting next to her, and she gets a little stunned.

Only then do we get to see that Rakhi’s eyes fall on Nandini. Rakhi tells Nandni when you have come.

Then comes the matter to Vanraj that now all the people have come, put the defense in everyone’s hands.


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Then Vanraj speaks to Anupama that he has done what he had to do to the son, now we will do what we have to do.

That’s when Nandani comes to Vanraj to have a defense in hand. She is a little angry. Dali then tells everyone to take the prasad now.

That he is distributing the prasad to the angry everyone. So when he goes to give prasad to Samar, both Samar and Nandini put their hands together to take the prasad.

That’s when we get to see a big twist in the next episode of the serial Anupama. Vanraj does not make offerings to Samar.

Then Samar gets very angry with Vanraj and starts to orgy in front of Shiva. And her actions are seen by Anupama and Nandini.

Then we will get to see that Samar holds Nandini’s hand and takes the prasad from her. Samar takes Prasad to feed Nandini and after that both Nandini and Samar together Vanraj.

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Go to go to seek blessings, then Vanraj retracts his foot. In the next episode, we get to see that he is scared of angry Nandini and Samar tells him that you get out of this house with Nandani.

It is possible that it is not your home but my mother’s house. I am not going to go anywhere. Something like this is going to be seen in the next episode of serial Anupama in a twist.


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