After Anushka, Sagarika is also going to be a mom, the new guest is coming to the house of cricketer Zaheer Khan

According to reports, now cricketers Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge are parents waiting for their first baby. On the other hand, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor also talked about becoming her mother for the second time.

According to sources, at the present time, Team India captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma have announced. First Baby is coming to their home in the year 2021.

Zaheer khan and Sagarika report on child

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, Sagarika is currently enjoying an IPL match with her husband Zaheer. As in the era of a global epidemic like Corona in Varman’s time, all the things have been affected, similarly, it has also affected the IPL match.

Former Indian cricket team player Zaheer Khan is playing his main role in the 13th season of the IPL in Dubai. Recently, Zaheer Khan has also released a video on social media. In this, he is seen celebrating his birthday.

Sagarika is seen in a loose outfit in this video. It is being told that he is pregnant. Both of their friends have also said that Zaheer and Sagarika are going to become parents soon.

However, Zaheer and Sagarika have not officially announced this thing like Anushka and Virat.

Sagarika wrote a special post on the birthday of Zaheer Khan –

Former Indian cricket team player Zaheer Khan had a recent birthday. On the occasion of which his wife Sagarika posted a very sweet post on social media. He also shared some photos.

Sagarika wrote – Thank you for being my best friend, my love, and the most selfless person I know. Not only me, but everyone knows that without you I would have lost. Happy Birthday, Husband. You get everything you want and more. Love You. This is how Sagarika expressed her feelings through her post.